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Academics at Hawley High School

Whether college is paid for by parents, students, or a combination, it’s expensive! However, parents can make a decision now that can save thousands of dollars later. Sending your children to Hawley Public Schools and accessing the college credits available during the junior and senior years can provide a huge boost both financially and in college readiness!
Hawley High School offers a wide array of college-credit bearing opportunities for juniors and seniors. Many of our graduates are already sophomores in college when they leave HHS!

Students may access college credit through three different means. The first is college in the High School. Here, high school faculty members hold the proper credentials to serve as college instructor. Students attend their college classes in our building. The classes available include the following:

  • 4 semesters of composition, literature, and public speaking
  • 2 semesters of anatomy and physiology
  • 1 semester of medical terminology
  • 1 semester of nutrition
  • 1 semester of college algebra
  • 1 semester of precalculus

Second, numerous courses are available through on-line college. During the school day, students use a lap-top computer to take one or more classes. They may also work on the classes at home seven days a week. Generally, there is a favorable amount of interaction with professors and other students enrolled in the courses. There are five two-year colleges and one private college involved in this.

Finally, students may earn college credit by taking Advanced Placement Psychology and Advanced Placement Calculus. HHS has a high passing rate on the exit exam that determines if college credit may be awarded at the post-secondary school the students attend.

Note: To take college classes, juniors need a 3.2 GPA and seniors need a 2.8 GPA. Also, an entrance exam must be passed. We have nearly a 100% passing rate on both the reading and math exams.

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