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Hawley Community, Organizations and Churches

Hawley would be a great place for you to be involved and supported with many community activities and great churches.

    • Whether you prefer your children to enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer
      or a full schedule of enrichment activities Hawley can meet your needs.Cool off at the local swimming pool or the public access beach just 3 miles away. Or fill their days with fully supervised summer recreation activities.
    • In the winter join the kids at the ice skating rink or the sledding hill.Go cross-country skiing in the Nature Center. Exercise indoors during open gym or indoor walking at the community center. Take an aerobics class or join the volleyball league.
    • Join as a family in Tae Kwon Do or learn dance at our local dance studio.
    • Want to learn to paint, quilt, cook, or better use that new computer? Take a Hawley Community Education class.
    • For those with elderly parents in need of a lighter load, Hawley offers Senior Housing, adult day care, or the Hawley Manor.
    • Get involved with the award winning local Scouts program. Or perhaps 4-H is better suited for your children: with a strong equestrian club or general focus clubs the choice is yours.
    • Interested in horses? Join in the large variety of activities and clubs that make use of the local arena.
    • Get to know others as you join in fun and work alongside them in the Hawley Jaycees, the Hawley Women of Today, or the Hawley Lions clubs.
    • The fire and rescue departments also have community outreach events:
      join in the brat burn and get a tour!

  • Hawley has a variety of churches to meet your needs. Whether you prefer a liturgical or contemporary service, want to have organ music or a band to lead worship, Hawley has a church family waiting to welcome you.
  • Check the Hawley Herald newspaper for a current schedule of services and events at one of the local churches: St Andrew’s Catholic, Hawley
    Hawley Alliance, Living Grace Lutheran Church, Hawley United Methodist are all located within Hawley. If you live in the country you are likely to find a church located within 5 miles of your home: Hegland, Lysne, Solem, Rollag, Gran, Park, (all ELCA) and Grong (AFLC) are all within 15 minutes
    of Hawley.
  • You will find a wonderful spirit of love and cooperation in the Hawley
    church community. You will be welcome to take Bible studies or be involved with youth activities at more than just your church.
  • The Hawley area ministerium brings the church families together for several community events including a Thanksgiving service, a live nativity, Lenten luncheons and services, community Bible school with Picnic in the Park for the whole community (adults too!), prayer events, weekly community prayer time, and more!
  • To further provide for the spiritual development of youth of the community, Hawley has weekly Good News Club, AWANA, Moms In Touch praying for our schools, and individual church youth programs.
  • When a need is seen in the community or even around the world you can bet a Hawley group will be there to help. Perhaps the kids at the school will hold a bake sale or a blanket drive; or the churches, or community clubs will hold a silent auction or meal. When you are here, you are family,and you are supported!

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